Non woven carry bags in 2020

Here are a few things to know about non woven carry bags in 2020

Non woven carry bags are a very good product that is completely safe to use and it is biodegradable also reusable carry bags where you can use on a daily bases.

These carry bags are best to alternate use for plastic bags to save the environment and save animals from consuming plastic unknowingly which are very dangerous.

Plastic also spoiling our mother earth like you may be found on some seaside, ocean, and rivers where they never going to disable for a decade.

So after researching some article and watching some videos and social media post against plastic usage here it come the alternate to plastic which is Non woven bags.

Non woven carry bags in 2020
Non woven carry bags in 2020

Now you may be wondering what is non woven bags well for few they already know it as well as some are already using it.

For those who not aware of non woven carry, bags let me try to explain to you so sit back and grab a cup of coffee.

Because this article is going to very long.

What is Non woven carry bags

Non woven bags are nothing but made of polypropylene fiber which is also called pp fiber.

Here you can find in-depth please click me

Like I said Non-woven carry bags are bags made of (PP) fabric which is also known as polypropylene.

This fabric is made with soft and lightweight material where it is mostly known as

In a spunlaid non-woven material the fibers are directly taken onto a moving web which arranges them randomly.

In some cases, the unprocessed non woven fabric it looks like somewhat similar to cotton. Once the fibers on this web cleaned then it starts the processing of bounding together thermally or mechanically.

For every non woven fabric, they have GSM where it starts from 15 Gsm to 150 Gsm or above and for printing purpose mostly used from above 50 gsm.

For the quality of printing, it is mandatory to choose above 50 gsm hence you can find the quality of printing, high-grade material, and excellent in finishing.

Also using high-grade material of above 50 gsm will help you to long-lasting usage where you can reuse for multiple time hassle-free.

Wait, I have mention GSM and I forgot to tell you what is GSM? let’s look into it.

Why are non-woven carry bags good for daily use?

1. Like I mentioned above it is so easy to print with company logo for branding and promoting your business.

2. Comparing with plastic carry bag non woven bags manufacturing are Inexpensive.

3. Non woven carry bags can be reused by consumers for continued promotion for years.

4. It is easy to clean and much more durable than the plastic carry bags because of different types of colors you get it is very attractive to consumers.

5. The one of the best part to use non woven bags it is safe for the environment

What is GSM in Non-woven carry bags

In Non-woven bags, Gsm is nothing but it stands for Gram Per Square Meters and it has different types of Gsm like starts from 15 Gsm to 150 Gsm or more than that.

Gsm is calculated by using some simple methods with the help of peace of non woven fabric.

To make it you clear for calculating the Gsm

Here you can find in the image.

How Is Gsm measured?

To measure the gsm of fabric there is a caluculation which is very easy and simple, its not at all a tricky part any one can able to do this using simple method.

All you need is a tool which cut the fabric in round shape or in square of 12  x 12 and a measuring machine.

Non woven fabric measure

Once you got the sample fabric area as you can see in the bottom of the image which is 144cm2, the next step is to calculate with the following.

In some cases, the usage of gsm depends upon customer requirements, in shopping malls, and other textile business usage starts from 50 Gsm and above 100 gsm.

And if you offer the consumers to choose the Gsm also known as thickness consumer will definitely pick the high-grade material which above 50 Gsm because of its durability.

Cheapest non woven carry bags

Why am I saying the cheapest? Let me tell you comparing with the plastic carry bags and with the environment yes it is cheap in price.

How? If you buy a plastic cover it may cost you 1 single plastic carry bags around 80paise and the damage it causes to the environment is uncountable.

It damages the mother earth, it damages the ocean, river, the sea also it is a high risk of damages causes to animals like cows, dogs, and other hungry animals to feed their stomach unknowingly which will never digest.

Also, it damages the air pollution due to its chemical found in plastic is very risk to humans as well.

Non woven carry bags price per kg

It depands on fabric manufacture, model, size, and gussest.

Comparing with these damages and cost of plastic carry bags I strongly believe these bags are very cheap in price as well as safe to the environment.

Non woven fabric is biodegradable, safe to use on a daily base because no chemical was used to make bags.

It is safe to the environment because of its fastest process of degradable, and reusable where it helps to prevent throwing often.

I hope all that makes sense and I strongly believe that the non woven carry bags price is the cheapest.

Quality of non woven carry bags

  • Non woven fabrics make non-woven bags durable,
  • Attractive- with printing and designs,
  • Breathable- which helps you to prevent from bad odd,
  • Reusable- it is most important to save your wallet by spending for each time you required,
  • Water-resistant- where you can wash and use whenever you want hassle-free,
  • Hypoallergenic- this fabric is environment friendly where you can use without hesitating from allergenic,
  • Fire-resistant- this fabric also comes with fire-resistant so it is safe to use,
  • Weight- non woven fabric is very soft and lightweight to use on your daily base easy to carry and easy to handle.

The non woven fabric material is strong enough to last up to 5 years.

There is some additional benefit of these bags is that they are easily printed for your company promotion by printing your logo or brand name.

Non-woven carry bags are a great tool in the corporate office as well as the government offices for branding.

Because of the attractive designs, it is the best product to use as gifts. It has a more stable structure which makes it hard to break down it takes 300 years for PE to be completely bio-degraded! In contrast, PP has a less stable chemical structure which is liable to chain degradation.

Here are few bags

Non woven carry bags in 2020

Non woven carry bags D cut handle

Non woven carry bags D cut handle
Non woven carry bags D cut handle

This is a D cut handle made of above 50 gsm where you can print with high quality logo and name of your brand to promote you business.

Non woven carry bags W cut

Non woven carry bags W cut
Non woven carry bags W cut

Here is the W cut handle carry bags which starts from 20Gsm and more then 100gsm it is used from comercial purpose, markets, groceries.

Again for printing only above 50 gsm can be done with heigh quality to promotion purpose and it is also below 50 gsm mostly used for regular purpose like gorcires and in markets etc.

Here are few sizes and models

Non woven bag D cut 12 x 16

Non woven bag D cut 12 x 16

Product Name: Non woven carry bags D cut carry bag

Bag Size: 12w x 16h

Gsm: 50

Color: Yellow

Non woven bag D cut 13 x 16

Non woven bag D cut brn13 x 16

Product Name: Non woven carry bags D cut carry bag

Bag Size: 13w x 16h

Gsm: 50

Color: White

Non woven bag D cut 14 x 18

Non woven bag D cut 14 x 18

Product Name: Non woven carry bags  D cut carry bag

Bag Size: 14w x 18h

Gsm: 60

Color: Orange

Non woven W cut blue 9 x 12

Non woven W cut blue

Product Name: Non woven W cut blue carry bag 9 x 12

Bag Size: 9w x 12h

Gsm: 20

Color: Blue

Non woven W cut blue 16 x 20

Non woven carry bags W cut

Product Name: Non woven W cut blue carry bag16 x 20

Bag Size: 9w x 12h

Gsm: 60

Color: Red

Non woven bag 13 x 16Non woven bag 13 x 16

Product Name: Non woven W cut blue carry bag16 x 20

Bag Size: 13w x 16h

Gsm: 45

Color: Yellow

Non woven W cut white 11 x 14

Non woven w cut white1

Product Name: Non woven W cut light cream carry bag16 x 20

Bag Size: 11w x 14h

Gsm: 45

Color: Light Cream 

Above metion all the product images are for reference and the color may vary from actual produts.


  1. Shopping bags are reusable because of heigh quality gsm
  2. Below 50 gsm can be used for groceries, food, and vegetable.
  3. For you loved ones and you can print images, names for gift bags
  4. To promote your business with your brand and logo handbags with zippers or with your requirement of custom sizes can be done.
  5. For garment packing and carrying, there are Garment bags which is long-lasting also reusable.


  1. Below 50 gsm is limited to carry heavyweight.
  2. Below 50 gms you can’t print your logo or design because of its low gsm.
  3. Printing quality will be very poor on below 50gsm

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